Member of:
  • Music Teachers Association of California,
  • Piano Teachers Guild
  • Sacramento Blues Society

  • Valley City State University, BA in Music,
  • completion date, December 13th, 2019
  • CSU, Sacramento, 1996-2002
  • American River College, Associate degree in music, 1996

Studied with  Dr. Richard Cionco, CSUS piano professor
Studied with Dr. Joe Gilman, American River College , jazz professor, CSUS

Professional and educational experience:
  • American River College Jazz Choir Accompanist
  • CSUS Jazz Choir accompanist, 
  • Metro Swing Big Band (keyboards, vocals)
  • Kiwanis Big Band, (keyboards, vocals)
  • Singer/Songwriter/performer since 1980 to present
  • Church accompanist

About Me

        My musical background is diverse; therefore my teaching style reflects that diversity.  All music is of value to me and I believe the study of piano can be an enjoyable rewarding experience.  
My goal is to help you achieve your musical desires.  We all start to play an instrument because we want to enjoy, listen to and play beautiful music, music that speaks to our hearts, our soul, and our intellect. We want to reap some artistic development from our studies.

        Students and teachers have different agendas with musical study and it’s important to recognize the differences we all have when we study, practice and perform.  There are  essential points to becoming a good student and achieving your goals.  Good technic, training in theory, studying sight-reading, performance experience, regular practice. These are cornerstones of being a good musician and they apply to every genre of music.  

        My desire for you, the student, is for you to experience musical growth and enjoyment. 
 Performing is not required but highly encouraged.  We want you to share your music with others! 
I hold small recitals at my home,  as well as larger venues during the spring and at Christmas.  If you are The Certificate of Merit Program, sponsored by MTAC,  offers wonderful opportunities for performing as well as yearly evaluations.  

        Ultimately, my goal is for you, the student, to play with musicality and enjoy the journey. Music, the universal language, is a worthy pursuit and creates an artistic approach to life. 

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